Source: Paul Goldberg

“Little” Jim Acosta ambushed Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene outside of the Capitol building in DC. The news anchor began peppering MTG about text messages he claimed she sent during 1/6.

Things didn’t go Acosta’s way…

Jim started the conversation and asked MTG if she remembered calling Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi a traitor.

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“You know Jim, you have a show, and, in all fairness, you try to present this image of me to your viewers and it’s just really not correct,” she responded.

“Well, we’re just trying to get some answers,” Acosta shot back.

According to a text message released by the Democrat, 1/6 Commission Green texted former the White House calling for martial law to “save our Republic.” CNN was the first network to report on the text messages after Democrats on the committee gave them to the network and you’ll see that was what got Jim in trouble.

“Did you send a text in asking for the president to declare martial law?” Acosta asked. “Did you do that?”

“I don’t recall those being my text messages,” Greene answered. The Congresswoman from Georgia added that she had no idea if Trump even could declare martial law.

“Why don’t you be honest?” Acosta pressed.

“You’re just another one of those liars on television,” she continues. “And people hate it, they hate it. They can’t stand the liars on television.”

Then Greene demanded Acosta go over the text messages with her.

The cocky CNN host whipped out his phone and began reading her text message out loud but stopped at the quote, “I don’t know on those things.”

“Wait, excuse me, stop,” Greene intervened. “‘I don’t know on those things.’ Is that what it says?”

“Why don’t you tell that story?” she asked.

“You’re lying. You’re a liar. You know why people don’t like you?” Greene asked. “Because you’re a liar. Why do you want to lie on television for your viewers?”

“I’m not trying to lie,” Acosta replied.

“You’re accusing me of something, and then when you read the actual words it tells another story,” she continued. “It tells the truth.”

That was it, Acosta had nothing to say and shrunk back to his news van.