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RedState reported Monday on how twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, 75, went on record as saying at the “Financial Times Weekend” festival that President Joe Biden’s age (80) absolutely should be something voters take into consideration going into the 2024 presidential campaign season.

While Clinton’s comments had people wondering whether she was contemplating throwing her hat into the ring for a third time – or perhaps I should say a “reelection” campaign since she insists on keeping on with the nonsense about how she “never lost” to former President Donald Trump in 2016, Biden himself preceded her by accidentally bringing the issue to the forefront of his campaign with remarks he made during an EMILY’s List gala at Washington, D.C.’s “Anthem” auditorium last Tuesday.

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The “We Are EMILY” fundraising event was held in part to honor former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for all of her work advancing so-called “abortion rights.”

But as Joe Biden took to the stage to introduce his longtime Democratic colleague, Pelosi, it didn’t take long for him to devolve into his usual incoherency, insulting her in the process while inadvertently reminding people that his age is a big concern to voters heading into 2024:

Biden: Nancy Pelosi is going to go down in history as one of the most consequential speakers in the history of the United States — (applause) — not merely because she’s a woman — because she’s so incredible. She’s such a —

Audience Member: Woo!

Biden: No, no — with Nancy leading the way, you never had to worry about whether the bill would pass. If she said she had the votes, she had the votes every time. (Applause.)

And she had to vote so many lifechanging pieces of legislation. She helped rescue the economy in the Great Depression…


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