What the hell is wrong with her?

Source: Nworeport

Footage showing Kamala Harris breaking into hysterical laughter while discussing sending children back to school is terrifying the internet.

The incident was caught on film during a speech at the West Haven Child Development Center in West Haven, Conn., last week.

In the clip, Harris begins laughing uncontrollably while talking about parents who can’t send their kids to school while at the same time being unable to afford child care for their children.

“More people are seeing that, yeah, affordable child care is a big deal,” Kamala said. “More parents are seeing the value of educators when they [laughter] had to bring their kids [home] and say we’re not paying them nearly enough [laughter].”

The footage comes one week after Harris bursted into cackles when asked by reporters on the tarmac whether she planned to visit the southern border to witness the crisis firsthand.

Even more disturbing: this is the person first in line to succeed Biden should he be unable to finish his term.