School shooting survivor David Hogg seems to have made a career out of advocating against the Second Amendment.

During an interview with MSNBC, Hogg said AR-15 owners aren’t using the gun for protection. Nope.

They are using it to hunt people.

From Free Beacon:

During an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, gun-control activist David Hogg claimed those who own AR-15s and similar rifles are not interested in self-defense but in hunting human beings.

After telling viewers that Americans need to find unity in addressing gun violence, Hogg was asked about his recent efforts to ban certain kinds of semiautomatic firearms at the state level. He said he and other March for Our Lives activists had introduced a ballot initiative to ban so-called assault weapons in Florida. He said those who own an AR-15, the most popular rifle in the United States, want to hunt other people.


More on Hogg, via The Wrap:

David Hogg ripped into USA Today over the paper’s coverage of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School and other mass shootings, telling MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that the iconic broadsheet needed to be “held accountable” for glorifying shooters.

“It was interesting that you just had the USA Today chief editor from Washington D.C. on because they’re one of the worst offenders of that,” Hogg said moments after Mitchell’s interview with USA Today Washington Bureau chief Susan Page. “They’re one of the best news organizations at making mass shooters famous in the first place. They always plaster the shooter’s face everywhere. They always give them several hundred pages of coverage,”

“That’s what the shooters of my school asked for,” Hogg continued. “Organizations like USA Today and others are responsible in that, and they have to realize and be held accountable for these acts.”

The usually unflappable Mitchell came to the defense of the paper, saying that while she was sympathetic to Hogg’s broader concern, all media was guilty of the charge he was outlining.

“Perhaps because of its circulation but I have to tell you all of us, speaking just more broadly, all of the media do focus on the killers and on their backgrounds,” Mitchell said. “I take your point David that they should not be glorified.”

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When a kid is rejected from multiple universities out of high school it’s sad, but it also signifies that grades weren’t good enough for entry.

That much should be clear.

So then, how did David Hogg get rejected from multiple schools and somehow make his way into Harvard, perhaps the most prestigious university in the world?

Lest we forget Hogg has been a bully to right-wingers for a while now.