The Mark of the Beast system is slowly being rolled out

Posted BY: | NwoReport

A Twitter user posted footage Thursday showing an Aldi supermarket in Greenwich, London that is only open to citizens who download an app on their phones and purchase everything digitally.

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In the viral video, the man behind the camera showed viewers plastic barriers preventing individuals from entering the shopping area without first scanning an app on their smartphones.

That’s right, no cell phone, no food!

The man who filmed the store said, “Now, this looks to me like the beginning stages of the digital prison that we keep talking about.”

People shopping at the high-tech store do not have to check out after scanning their phones as cameras watch what items they take, tally up the total cost, and automatically remove the amount from the user’s bank account.

The supermarket’s cameras even allow customers to buy alcohol by using facial recognition technology that estimates people’s ages so it can determine if they’re over 21 years old.

Of course, many Christians argue the whole process of scanning phones to enter public areas is getting people accustomed to doing so ahead of a microchip or digital tattoo being rolled out akin to the Mark of the Beast system predicted in the Bible.

Amazon and other companies have also recently launched similar shops in several countries.