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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, aged 81, experienced another freeze-up incident during a press conference in Covington, Kentucky. This marks the second time McConnell has faced such an episode within a month. The incident occurred when a question about his potential reelection in 2026 was posed to him, causing him to become unresponsive and zoned out. An aide approached him inquiring about the question, but McConnell remained silent with wide-open eyes. After a brief lapse, McConnell seemed to regain his composure, but it became evident that he was not well enough to proceed with the press conference.

It’s worth noting that McConnell had previously suffered a concussion and a broken bone due to a fall in March. Following the accident, he underwent hospitalization and rehabilitation before returning to the Senate in mid-April. McConnell’s health history is marked by a bout of childhood polio that resulted in a lingering limp.

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In an update on the situation, McConnell’s spokesman conveyed that the leader felt momentarily lightheaded during the press conference. However, the spokesman affirmed that McConnell is feeling fine. As a precautionary measure, McConnell is set to consult a physician before his upcoming events.

This incident has sparked concerns about McConnell’s overall health and ability to fulfill his role effectively. As a prominent figure in the Senate since his election in 1984, McConnell’s health struggles have become a point of discussion. As he navigates these challenges, his supporters and critics will watch closely to see how he manages his responsibilities moving forward.