On Friday, Nancy Pelosi visited the border town of Laredo, Texas to fight President Trump’s border wall message. As usual, the Speaker had some problems articulating and pronouncing her message.

Try to make sense of what the Speaker of the House was saying by reading what she said below.

“I love coming here this wa— week that we observe the birth of our presidents, one in particular, George, uh, our Founding Father and our Founding Mother, George Washington and Martha Washington,” she said.

Never mind Martha Washington’s birthday was in June and not February.


Wait what? President’s Day is in honor of Martha Washington’s birthday? Sorry but that is not true at all. Continue reading what she said below:

Praising the local congressman, Pelosi said, “We followed his lead on protecting the, what, butterfly…” she said, trailing off and looking for assistance.

“Sanctuary,” someone muttered.

“Sanc— sanctuary,” Pelosi said.

“The knowledge he has of the region being a border, uh— uh, member of Congress,” she said, suffering a brain freeze.

Watch her bumble her way through the presser here:

LOL. How can Nancy Pelosi possibly be attacking Trump on the issue of border security when she can’t even pronounce words? This is why we need term limits!

It gets worse.

The House Speaker suffered another moment of confusing millions and billions.

“And what that meant was we would have, uh, hundreds of billions— excuse me, hundreds of millions of dollars,” she said.

“We had the opportunity to meet with David Higgin— Higgerson, the field dir— director of field for, uh, the, uh, CPB,” Pelosi said.

And it’s “CBP” as in “Customs and Border Protection,” not “CPB.”

After mispronouncing “detection,” the House Speaker struggled to talk about the Constitution.

“That Constitution begins with the beautiful Preamble to the Constitution, and the very first words at the end of the Pream— the following the Preamble are, Article 1, The Legislative Branch,” Pelosi said.

She suffered a strange brain freeze as she talked about a bill being taken up on Monday. She stopped and looked upward before resuming her remarks as if nothing had happened.

Pelosi seemed short of breath as she talked about her congressional colleagues in attendance, stopping mid-sentence to take a breath and sigh through her speech.

Defending why the U.S. should focus on ports of entry and not remote areas where illegal immigrants flow, she said, “And now it’s more immi— there’s uh, so much more immigration, um, uh, needs here.”

The House Speaker literally as she denounced the wall, saying, “This, this isn’t what their job was b- b- b- b- before.”

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If you could read through everything the Speaker of the House said and actually comprehend what she was saying, I would like to congratulate you because to the average person, she was speaking gibberish.

It’s both funny and sad that Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House and can’t even do something as simple as talking. Funny because Democrats are putting people in power who have no idea what they’re doing and sad because our country deserves so much better!

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