Sitting Republican US House rep pops in opponent’s office to wish him good luck – only to find it in various states of disarray.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) went by her Democrat opponent’s campaign headquarters earlier this week to wish him good luck, only to discover his office was in shabby conditions.

Footage shows Greene peeking her head into the office of Marc Flowers, where she found an untidy workplace in various states of disarray and a lone campaign worker sitting in a corner behind a wall.

“Hi,” she told the worker.

“Just wishing you guys some luck tomorrow,” the Trump-supporting US House rep said, adding she felt great about the upcoming election.

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“Is anybody– is somebody working here?” Greene inquired, to which the worker responded affirmatively.

“A little messy at the front door maybe,” she noted, prompting the worker to agree.

“Yeah, leaving the food around… and the chips,” she added before leaving.

The humorous visit preceded Greene’s victory in Georgia’s GOP primary Tuesday night, where she handily defeated five other Republican challengers vying for her US House seat.

Rep. Greene will take on Flowers, who won the Democratic primary Tuesday, in a general election on Nov. 8.