American Patriots Are Searching For Solutions To Democrat Anti-Gun Push

WATCH: Sheriff’s Deputy Vows To Defy ‘Unconstitutional’ Gun Control

Source: National File

Tripp Kester, a sheriff’s deputy in North Carolina’s Davidson County, channeled the civic sentiment of many American patriots this week at a meeting of his county’s board of commissioners, which voted unanimously to adopt Second Amendment “sanctuary county” status.

In neighboring Virginia, Democrat lawmakers are touting sweeping gun control proposals that could create a constitutional crisis. The Democrat-controlled Virginia Senate passed three gun control bills Thursday which ban multiple gun purchases per month, mandate background checks for private gun sales, and compel local government gun bans for public events. Though Democrats decided not to press forward with a proposed assault rifle transfer ban, Democrat governor Ralph Northam issued an executive order banning guns at a Jan. 20 Second Amendment rally in Richmond and is expected to sign the new Senate gun control bills into law if they pass the Democrat-controlled General Assembly.

The Virginia Democrats’ increasingly radicalized plans leave patriots scrambling for solutions. That patriotic movement has clearly spread to North Carolina, where Democrat Roy Cooper reigns as governor.

“The Constitution needs no explanation. It’s been enforced for several hundred years now. It’s easy to understand. It says what it means. It means what it says,” Tripp Kester stated in his remarks at the meeting in Davidson County, North Carolina on Tuesday. Kester’s speech citing the Declaration of Independence’s promise of inalienable rights in convincing the Board to join with five nearby “sister counties” is inspiring patriots online. Watch it here:

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