Signage stands outside a Yum! Brands Inc. Taco Bell restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S., on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016. Yum! Brands is expected to release earnings figures on October 5.

Source: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Six Philadelphia-area Taco Bell employees have been terminated after they allegedly attacked a customer and his girlfriend outside the fast-food restaurant for allegedly complaining about their long taco wait time.

“The altercation, which was captured on camera and posted on Twitter, took place Sunday night, Feb. 24, and was apparently sparked after customers were complaining about the long wait times for their meal orders,” reported Fox News.

Bryan Reese, the man who was attacked, posted a video of the brutal incident to Twitter, as well as photos of bloodied clothing, a police report, and his girlfriend’s scratched and cut-up neck.

Reese claims he was initially offered a $20 gift card from the restaurant after alerting the business to the assault.

“I was assaulted by a number of [Taco Bell] employees, when I reached out to [Taco Bell] for justice they offered a $20 gift card, they must have thought I said Birthday not Assault,” he captioned the video, which was shot by his friend.

In another tweet directed to Taco Bell, Reese wrote, “Your employees jump counters and beat up customers in the street,” and posted photos of the aftermath.

According to ABC6, Reese said he and other customers were waiting some 45 minutes for taco orders. They were reportedly told by staffers at the restaurant that they were overwhelmed by GrubHub orders.

Reese said the complaints “eventually bothered the employees enough that three of them jumped over the counter and followed him outside, where his girlfriend was waiting, and began to beat up the pair,” Fox notes.

“I backed out of the store. They continued to follow me. They put me on the ground, and I don’t really remember too much else. Except for when I got up my girlfriend was on the ground being beat, too. She wasn’t even in the store at the time,” Reese told ABC6.

Reese claims he was initially told by the business that he could not have the names of the employees who assaulted him and his girlfriend. He has since received their names and plans to press charges.

The employees involved in the fight have been fired, Taco Bell confirmed to Fox News.

“We’re shocked and disappointed to see this situation; we and our franchisees do not tolerate this behavior. The franchisee who owns and operates this location is retraining its staff, and all team members involved have been terminated,” a statement from the chain says.

The same Philadelphia-area Taco Bell location was hit with more bad press this week when a GrubHub employee said he was threatened and chased out of the restaurant by employees.

“The manager told me there was nothing they could do, that Grubhub was overpowering their regular customers and they couldn’t handle it,” said GrubHub employee Kyle Scott, according to CBS Philly.

“They were calling me [expletive], we’re not making your [expletive] order,” Scott recalled. “Call Grubhub and have them cancel it. The cashier then proceeded to tell me she’s not making my order.”

“I don’t know why they would get that upset, to hop over the counter and start vandalizing, trying to fight customers or delivery drivers,” Scott added.

“Taco Bell says they will retrain the remaining workers at the store. The six employees shown in Tuesday’s violent video have been terminated,” CBS Philly noted.