Complains that they’re “the only press in the world that does this” when reporters try to ask questions

Posted BY: Steve Watson

Joe Biden expressed complete disdain for reporters attempting to ask him questions Tuesday, as they were manhandled out of the State Dining Room at the White House during a closed abortion ‘task force’ meeting.

While Kamala Harris, Secretary Xavier Becerra, Secretary Cardona and others were present in the meeting, the press were almost immediately kicked out as moderator Jen Klein announced “We’re now going to move to the closed press portion of our task force meeting so thank you very much.”

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Reporters were then shooed out of the room by Biden handlers as he looked on.

When the press attempted to ask questions, Biden’s face betrayed a look of pure hatred, before he began smirking as they were forced out.

“Among the only press in the world that does this. Seriously,” Biden muttered.

Does what? Ask the President questions? Engage in their First Amendment right?


During a portion of the meeting that was allowed to be documented, Biden announced “We’re not going to sit by and let Republicans enact extreme policies, to threaten access to basic health care,” adding “I signed two executive orders… to protect access to reproductive health care”

Head of the Department of Education Miguel Cardona argued that school children need abortions “to thrive in school and in life”: