Posted BY: Jordan Conradson

Royce White, host of the Please Call Me Crazy podcast and former Congressional Candidate in Minnesota’s District 5, came out against the Black National Anthem yesterday, calling it a “farce,” a “false catharsis,” and a “huge distraction” for Americans.

He further berated the left’s virtue-signaling narrative, saying, “the whole thing is a lie,” and it’s “built on it being a scam, and you’re paying into it.”

This comes in response to Kari Lake’s refusal to stand for the Black National Anthem sung by “Victoriously Aware” actress and woke activist Sheryl Lee Ralph. “I would actually sit for the Black National Anthem, too,” said White.

The Gateway Pundit reported that America-First superstar Kari Lake went viral again, outraging the radical left and fake news media for taking a seat during the Woke NFL’s “Black National Anthem” performance at Superbowl LVII in Arizona.

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