Liberals aren’t even safe at their own protests anymore!

Source: InFoWars

Footage posted by independent journalist Andy Ngo shows a group of three pro-abortion protesters in Seattle, Washington attacking several people, including

The incident was recorded on Tuesday after the leak of the U.S. Supreme Court’s reported upcoming decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

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The skirmish began when a pair of women tried to steal a sign from a street preacher.

When the ladies accosted the man holding an anti-abortion sign, a masked man in an orange vest tried to break up the confrontation.

In response to the man trying to break up the fight, the two women and a random guy started shoving him.

Next, a middle-aged woman came to the masked man’s defense and was pushed to the ground by the pair of angry liberal ladies.

Several bystanders, presumably marching with the pro-abortion crowd, tried to stop the girls from attacking the middle-aged woman.

This caused one of the violent girls to take a female demonstrator’s sign and bash it over her head.

Near the end of the squabble, the triggered pair of attackers pushed one more demonstrator to the ground after she tried to get her sign back from one of them.

The two ladies casually walked back into the flow of marching protesters after their assaults as if nothing happened.

The violence seen at leftist events is not limited to assaults on conservatives as we’ve now seen liberals turn on their own side.