Source: Fred T

President Trump’s amazing endorsement of J.D. Vance in Ohio at Saturday’s rally was awesome. Trump said a lot of great things about J.D., about his record, his background, and more. He also said that J.D. previously “said some bad s**t about me,” which had me rolling y’all.

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J.D. gave his remarks and when Trump took the mic back he made one of the most compelling arguments a person can make.

“When you cast your vote, you have to imagine all of the liberal tears that will be cried, and all of the RINO tears that will be shed when J.D. wins on election day.”

Yeah see THAT is a dang campaign slogan am I right?


There have been some mixed reactions to Vance on the right, and especially in the MAGA world, but Trump said something else that’s really important to remember.

You have to win. And J.D. can win.

I mean, I buy that. Do you?

Talk all about it below.