In Biden’s America, police encountering a 2-year-old boy left alone at the border with a note asking to be sent to Louisiana is perfectly normal.

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A reporter was filming when Texas State Troopers encountered a two-year-old migrant boy who had been left unattended after being illegally smuggled over the border by human traffickers.

“Moments ago we encountered a 2-year-old boy unaccompanied minor who was abandoned at the border according to a migrant woman who found the boy,” reported correspondent Jorge Ventura.

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“He’s wearing a makeshift ID with a Louisiana address on it. We encountered them with a group of Chinese nationals who just crossed.”

Certainly, no one can look at this unattended 2-year-old, illegally trafficked into the country and left by himself, and come away with the notion the border crisis is under control.

The boy’s tragic situation is a perfect example of how the Biden administration’s open border policies not only violate national sovereignty but also adversely affect illegal migrants and embolden human traffickers.