Posted BY: Fred T

“The only good thing out of this toxic two years that we’ve endured, we lab rats from these mad scientists, is in a weird way they brought people together, Tucker,” said Victor Davis Hanson on with Carlson tonight.

He said this Tuesday is going to be a “roar” from Americans who “detest these bicoastal elites.”

And they’re not ready for it. It will be a realignment, he says. And I hope he’s so right.

“It’s going to be a revolt against these bicoastal, snarky elites. Nobody likes them, and we’re going to find out on Tuesday just how much they don’t like them.”

Tucker’s reaction is mine. So happy just even hearing him theorize it. Can’t imagine how good it will be to see this become reality.

I ain’t countin’ chickens yet. But by gum, they are lining up and taking a number.

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