‘I’m of an age to remember when gas was in dollars, so inflation is really affecting us.’


Customers filling up at a Virginia gas station had negative reactions to rising gas prices, which are up more than a dollar under the Biden administration compared to last year.

Fox News reporter Lisa Bennatan spoke to gas buyers at gas stations in Arlington, who were not happy with the soaring cost.

“It’s killing me. It takes 60 bucks to fill up the 2020 Camaro and it takes $52 to fill up my 2016 Chevy Malibu,” one man said. “It’s crazy.”

“It kind of sucks,” another customer related. “It makes traveling a lot harder, and that’s something that people have been waiting to do since spring of 2020…It puts a damper on stuff.”

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average cost of gas in Virginia this year is up by a dollar compared to 2020, from $1.98 for regular unleaded to $2.97 currently.

“My reaction to the high prices is that — of course, like everybody else, I don’t like it,” said another customer. “I’m of an age to remember when gas was in the dollars, so inflation is really affecting us.”

Another customer complained the high prices are causing them to have to budget differently, saying, “It’s just been really steep, and it’s making it harder to afford…I have to keep it in mind in budgeting in a way I used to not.”

Workers at the gas station say customers complain about the steep prices to them all the time, with some blaming employees for the expensive gasoline.

“They’re mad at me because the price is very high,” one worker stated, adding, “Sales are also less now.”

“Customers complain to me about the price,” said another gas station worker.

While the cost of gas is going up, wages are not, lamented another customer.

“It’s too expensive now. Everything is raised, but salary is not raised.”