Trendies pushing a gradual move toward a cashless society.

Posted BY: Kara | NwoReport

Communist China’s face scan tech was promoted by a Western tourist excited by the “convenient” consumer technology.

A video circulating on social media shows a woman explaining how to face scan technology in China is used to purchase products instead of using a phone or physical cash.

“So guys, technologies are everywhere, so let’s get some water with this machine,” she said as she approached the vending machine with an LED display.

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“What would you like to drink? Let’s get some water and something. You press this button – no phone, no cash required. Simply scan your face and get your bottle of water,” she said.

The vending machine in Chinese issued voice prompts to prepare the woman to have her face scanned before dispensing her bottled water.

WallStreetSilver noted that this dystopian technology combined with Central Bank Digital Currencies would greatly curtail freedom on Earth.

“Combine that with a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and your freedom is gone. They track your every movement and location at all times, your spending decisions and turn off your money if you disobey.”

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