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Though the Supreme Court today declined to get involved in a case brought on by a former high school transgender student who claimed their rights were violated when they weren’t allowed to use the restroom of their choice at school several years ago, the battle over whether or not to allow transgender women further access to women’s dressing rooms, locker rooms, sports programs, etc. is far from over.

That’s demonstrated not just by the Biden administration wading into this battle on both the policy and legal front, but also by the number of lawsuits on these issues brought on by individuals and winding their way through the U.S. court system as we speak.

But there is another front to this culture war, one we don’t see often but one that is nevertheless being quietly (and sometimes not so quietly, as you’ll soon see) waged at gyms, spas and the like across America.

In the two video clips below, you can hear an understandably irate woman at a Los Angeles spa absolutely go off on the staff of the spa for allegedly allowing someone who claimed to be a transgender “woman” to walk around the “women’s section” (presumably a locker room) with it all hanging out (and I don’t think I need to define what “it” means here, gang).

The woman talks about how there were other women who saw the person and were “highly offended” over what they saw. The woman is further outraged over the spa allegedly “siding with him” (the alleged transgender woman with man parts).

“So Wi Spa is in agreement with men that just say they are a woman and they can go down there with their penis and get into the women’s section?” she asked incredulously.

Though it’s hard to hear their response, it sounds like the Wi Spa employee is telling the woman that it’s the law that allows the supposed transgender woman to do just that.

The woman’s camera then pans to another woman who it appears is getting a refund after witnessing what happened in the women’s section.

Next, you hear a man in the background telling the woman who is complaining to “shut the f*** up” as another man walks up to her and tells her she’s “being a d*ck,” and then proceeding to mansplain to her about what she should and should not be okay with seeing in the women’s section.

Watch below. Warning language applies here. Crude terms for the male anatomy are used numerous times:

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