Source: Kyle Becker

The Waukesha parade attack suspect, Darrell Edward Brooks, is now believed by law enforcement authorities to have intentionally driven his vehicle into the Christmas parade, killing 5 people and injuring 40 others.

“Darrell Brooks intentionally drove his vehicle into the Christmas parade in Waukesha and is charged with 5 counts of intentional homicide, according to the police,’ Disclose reported.

The police charges contradict earlier media reports that the suspect, Darrell Edward Brooks, a convicted sex offender, and radical Black Lives Matter supporter, may have driven into the parade incidentally after fleeing from another crime.

“Officials said … that preliminary investigation showed the driver was not aiming at the marching band or any other parade participant but was speeding through the route to flee an earlier crime, multiple law enforcement sources told ABC News.”

“Authorities spent the overnight hours scouring social media and other digital platforms associated with the person of interest who is now in custody. They have, at least so far, no reason to believe there is any connection to radicalization…” ABC reported

However, ‘scouring’ the social media accounts of Darrell Edward Brooks shows that he was a radicalized BLM activist, self-proclaimed sex trafficker, and black supremacist.

Here is Edwards in his own words, as relayed via a social media account called The Cocaína (follow @MrNukeEm here).

Here he is smoking a joint and telling Milwaukee to “stand up.” Advertisements

Here he is complaining about Obama talking ‘cracker bullsh*t’ in a presidential address and suggesting that the world is being pushed to WWIII.

Brooks also appeared to be a rapper who featured gun use in a video (an “AR with the extension”).

The social media posts of Brooks makes it clear that he indeed was “radicalized”:

The suspect appears to have numerous criminal offenses and drives a red SUV.

This may not seem like a “radicalized” background to police authorities, but between the Illuminati symbols, anti-semitic Hitler-praising rants, and fantasies about enslaving white people, there is ample reason here to scrutinize the suspect’s ideological motivation. Advertisements

Most would say that a radical BLM supporter with a black supremacist worldview is relevant background, particularly given the suspect drove through a parade of white children. Now, police authorities will investigate the potential motives that a career criminal might have driving into a parade of innocent people during their murder investigation.