‘Latino voters are shifting their focus to the issues instead of sticking with one political party,’ MSNBC lamented.

Number one issue for Latinos, according to recent survey: Cost of living; in other words, inflation and the economy.

Posted BY: Adan Salazar

With less than 34 days until the 2022 midterm elections, leftists at MSNBC are still struggling to figure out why Latino voters are fleeing the party in worrying numbers.

In a recent report, MSNBC lamented how “Latino voters are shifting their focus to the issues instead of sticking with one political party.”

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The number one issue for Latinos, according to a recent NBC/Telemundo survey: Cost of living, in other words, inflation and the economy.

“We see that prices are through the roof,” one Latina voter in Phoenix, Arizona, told an MSNBC correspondent. “And we want to know what people are going to do to put that burden down.”

A Latino woman in El Paso, Texas, told the reporter she switched parties because Democrats are unrecognizable from what they once were, saying, “The Democratic party has changed a lot, and I identify with the Republican party.”

Asked what she likes about the GOP, the voter said, “Well, we’re for God, country, family and hard work.”

The woman’s husband, who was also once a Democrat voter, said he’s deeply concerned about immigration, border security, and his family’s safety.

“The fact of the matter is we don’t feel safe anymore,” he stated.

In another MSNBC segment, pollster Steve Kornacki pointed out how polls reflect Latinos’ concerns over immigration and border security, with many saying they’re confident Republicans can tackle the issues.

MSNBC reporter Yasmin Vossoughian attempted to justify the numbers by admitting the Democrat party is ignoring the Latino voter bloc and simply isn’t conducting enough outreach.

MSNBC’s latest report comes on the heels of another exposé where they sent reporter Paola Ramos to Texas’ 34th congressional district to try to understand why voters in the primarily Hispanic region were switching parties.

“We were already conservative. We were already with conservative values, it’s just that nobody noticed. They took us for granted,” one man responded.

“The Democratic party left me, I didn’t leave the party,” he added.

“We are not to be taken advantage of,” another Latino voter stated. “We are not to be assumed that because we’re Hispanic we’re naturally going to vote Democratic.”

It’s quite hilarious that, despite voters detailing exactly what they dislike about Democrats, MSNBC still can’t grasp why they’re hemorrhaging voters. This should all make for a very interesting midterm election.