Source: David Gortler

When America was under siege by the first round of COVID, universal vaccination might have succeeded in stopping the virus in its tracks. However, because Biden illegally opened the border, that was never going to happen.

Last week, the FDA gave its full approval to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, so it’s worth acknowledging that some very talented scientists, including Peter Marks of the FDA, helped achieve the “impossible” in 2020 through Operation Warp Speed (OWS). In less than a year, America’s best government and private industry scientists developed a vaccine to defeat the biowarfare, lab-originated COVID-19 virus from Wuhan, China, by using state-of-the-art mRNA sequencing technology.

Initially, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines had remarkable efficacy rates of 94% to 95%, respectively. By contrast, other countries developed vaccines using outdated technology. China’s Sinovac vaccine technology, for example, dated back to the 1950s and was, at best, less than 50% efficacious in protecting against COVID-19.

So, things appeared promising for Americans and the U.S. economy (never mind Obama’s sad and insulting quip on late-night television that OWS’s accomplishments were “not rocket science”). Sadly, however, the Biden administration has squandered OWS’s progress. The desperate public vaccination campaigns that we see today were a race against time because of the risk the targeted virus would mutate while there were still many unvaccinated potential hosts.

The Trump White House had protected Americans and public health by strictly enforcing travel restrictions from other countries, building a border wall, and ending the “catch and release” of illegal immigrants. Yet under Biden, and according to CNN and the Washington Examiner respectively, between 180,000 and 213,000 illegal aliens—people unchecked and unscreened for health conditions or criminal backgrounds—are crossing into our country every month that we know about. They’re also apparently exempt from needing an ID to board domestic flights.

Illegal immigrants at America’s southern border are not only made up of Mexicans. They come from cultures and societies around the world—many at odds with American ideals, morals, and freedoms—including the Middle East, China, India, South America, Central America, Africa, even the former Soviet Union.

It’s not just COVID-19 and its variants through these means that should concern us. The following diseases, to name a few, were unthinkable in the U.S. a year ago:

1) drug-resistant tuberculosis;

2) malaria;

3) lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis);

4) mumps; and

5) rubella.

Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan still regularly see cases of polio, but we haven’t had a case in the U.S. in over four decades.

The only disease the world has managed to eradicate is smallpox, according to The Carter Center, but that was long before the American left’s open borders made eliminating existing diseases next to impossible. It’s so bad that even border-state Democrats are sounding the alarm about the deluge of illegals, and Biden’s own DHS secretary, Alejandro Majorkas, said in recently leaked audio that the current crisis is “unsustainable.”

The Weill Cornell School of Medicine and others say the Delta variant originated outside of the U.S. The data show originations in Pakistan and/or India, where infection rates were (and still are) out of control.

Now, the Biden administration, due to a profound misunderstanding of virus epidemiology, has effectively destroyed Operation Warp Speed’s efforts. America’s vaccines (including Pfizer and Moderna)—which had been >94% effective—have objectively been shown, through studies, to be merely 39% to 64% effective against the Delta variant. Yet Anthony Fauci head-scratchingly stated that “all three COVID-19 vaccines have equal 88% effectiveness against the Delta variant”—and confusingly referred to a study from the New England Journal of Medicine. But that journal only tested investigational, non-available versions of the vaccines.

Fauci’s efficacy claim is inaccurate. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine has never shown efficacy in the U.S. above 78% against the original version of the virus. Fauci later backpedaled, saying, “Things are going to get worse.” On that point, he was right. On Independence Day weekend, a COVID-19 outbreak occurred in Provincetown, Mass., where 75% of patients infected with COVID-19 had already been fully vaccinated, according to the CDC.

Is it possible Fauci has no idea how effective our vaccines are against the Delta variant?

Under Biden, America is plunged back in pandemic mode, with the CDC reinstituting mask mandate recommendations as of July 28, 2021. The Delta variant is the dominant strain now found in the U.S., accounting for >82% of new cases as of July 20. Yet by all accounts, the importation of Delta was 100% avoidable.

The great “oracles of politics” at the New England Journal of Medicine stepped out of their usual medical-based publishing process to grace readers with non-expert opinions on the presidential election for the first time in 208 years. They oh-so-courageously joined the already overwhelming, biased network news onslaught to encourage ousting President Trump for perceived failures of his handling of China’s unprovoked bioterrorism attack.

Let’s all wait and see if the New England Journal of Medicine editors will truthfully communicate Biden’s “magnitude of failure (as) astonishing” for failing to protect Americans’ public health by ignoring our borders and the rule of law, and for exposing Americans to overseas COVID variants and dozens of other historically-eradicated North American diseases.

While the FDA has granted non-scientific-based approvals to drugs like aducanumab for Alzheimer’s disease based on a patchwork, retrospective analysis of only a couple hundred patients (with conflicting findings), it has held out—until now, in the case of Pfizer—full regulatory approval for the OWS vaccines because the FDA had originally stated that it is requiring placebo-controlled trials in tens of thousands of people. Now the FDA is changing its tune due to pressure from Biden’s White House. The inexplicable waffling and scientific double standard applied to the Alzheimer’s drug approval vs. the COVID vaccine is exactly what energizes vaccine opponents’ distrust of the FDA and the federal government.

As a former FDA scientist and as a lifelong academic, I see too many non-scientific thought processes under this administration and in turn, under Biden’s FDA. I’m sure of one thing, though: We should strictly adhere to the CDC’s current mask guidance and use high-quality, FDA-approved N95 respirators produced by a reputable manufacturer to prevent spread.

Unfortunately, I also predict new 2020-like shutdowns in America’s future. The launching of OWS 2.0 to create a multivariant vaccine will again cost taxpayers dearly and take time away from scientists who were focusing on heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer.

The good news is that according to Barack Obama, putting together another OWS and developing, manufacturing, distributing, and once again having American middle-class taxpayers fund brand-new, safe, efficacious vaccines is “not rocket science”—so fortunately we have nothing to worry about there, folks.

Alas, I predict future variants will be a perpetual problem in America, carrying us through other letters of the Greek alphabet. Rampant illegal immigration through Biden is, in effect, laying out the welcome mat for new COVID variants and other diseases. Instead of this travesty—instead of ignoring science and public health—the Biden White House should immediately make America’s public health a priority again. Biden, as president, cannot continue to fail to control our borders.

Yet because of his open border policies, not only has America not “turned the corner”—we have taken a giant leap backward on the road to eliminating COVID. I wish it weren’t so.