Fed-up students chant, “No more masks! No more masks!”Protest signs read, ‘Medical tyranny,’ ‘Our school, our choice,’ and ‘I can’t breathe.’

Source: Nworeport

Students at two high schools in Denver, Colorado, have reportedly staged walkouts over mask mandates.

Footage out of the Highlands Ranch community shows numerous Thunder Ridge High School students protesting by a roadway.

As a car drives by honking its horn in support, students cheer and begin to chant, “No more masks! No more masks!”

A similar scene played out further east at Legend High School, where students marched onto a roadway carrying protest signs reading, “Medical tyranny,” “Our school, our choice,” and “I can’t breathe.”

The protests come as Tri-County health officials on Monday voted to require masks for all children 2 and up at schools and daycare facilities, and rescinded the ability for individual counties to be able to opt out of health orders.

A statement by a Douglas County School District rep ignored the walkouts and said the district would continue to impose the Tri-County mask mandate.