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Back in 2001, like many other people I foolishly bought into the idea of the USA Patriot Act. After all, we had just suffered the worst terrorist attack in history and we had to go after the bad guys, right? Of course, since that time we’ve seen the government and our own intelligence agencies spying on regular Americans more than any alleged ISIS sleeper cells. Now the government is brewing up a new plan supposedly in response to threats posed by China through back-door data breaches using the TikTok video app. It’s called the RESTRICT Act and it is unfortunately drawing bipartisan support in the Senate. But much like its predecessor, this bill would open the door to vastly expanded executive branch powers and unprecedented levels of control of both financial activity and people’s personal data. This week, Senator Rand Paul penned an op-ed for Townhall where he explains the plan in detail.

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The RESTRICT Act eschews almost all notions of checks and balances by granting a vast amount of power to the Executive branch to intervene in all kinds of economic transactions. It would effectively allow the Secretary of Commerce to become the Commissar of Commerce.

The bill’s application is far from limited to Tiktok or other internet-based companies. The third section of the bill would enable the Secretary of Commerce to investigate any business that is in any way subject to the jurisdiction of a foreign adversary to determine if its transactions “pose an undue or unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States.”

Though the bill already designates China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, and Cuba as foreign adversaries, the RESTRICT Act also empowers the Secretary of Commerce to unilaterally add any other country to this official enemies list.

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