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Shannon Cooper from the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association posted to his Twitter (@SCooperGG) a celebratory message regarding HB1169 being voted down by the bought and paid-for Missouri representatives yesterday. He was gracious enough to list his partners and give us the names of organizations (and one representative) that he was working with to deny the people of Missouri informed consent.

Good news for MO farmers! The deceptive, anti ag bill #HB1169 failed 4/10. Thanks to #MOLeg reps who said no to this sham. Great to see bipartisan support for science and MO ag! @MoCattle @scottfaughn @BigDiehl31 @MOFarmBureau @MissouriCorn @missourisoybean @MissouriChamber

— Shannon Cooper (@SCooperGG) April 19, 2023

I encourage you to reach out to every one of them and let them know that they’ve lost your support and you are disappointed to discover that they are paid off by big pharma to poison the food supply and hide it from consumers.

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Shannon’s list:

@MoCattle – Missouri Cattlemen’s –
@ScottFaughn –
@BigDiehl31 – Rep. Dane Diehl
@MOFarmBureau – Missouri Farm Bureau –
@MissouriCorn – Missouri Corn –
@MissouriSoyBean –
@MissouriChamber –

Remember that this bill was ONLY asking for informed consent. If a product has the potential to modify our genes, we simply asked it to be labeled with both the risks AND benefits listed. We need to reach out to Mr. Cooper and ask if he can share the benefits our families get from ingesting mRNA vaccines through his injected cattle.

Unfortunately, during his testimony, he started out by saying, “I am not a doctor, I have flunked out, been kicked out, or dropped out of every major institution of every higher education in the state of Missouri” which I guess means he’s the LAST person to ask about the risks and benefits of mRNA. He then finished his testimony with:

“This past week, when most of you were on spring break in Florida enjoying the sun, I sold a load of cattle; that load of cattle that I sold had been double vaccinated with vaccinations that have this mRNA, which I don’t know anything about other than I googled it awhile ago.”

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