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(Natural News) Multi-year drought conditions in much of China have reportedly forced the country to the brink of collapse.

Should the expected water catastrophe unfold, China’s grain and electricity production will fail. This would also result in global shortages of food, industrial materials, consumer goods and more – and on a much greater scale than the current post-plandemic supply chain problems.

Any water-driven disruptions in China would be felt by the entire world as the communist country is a major producer of food, energy and other needed goods and materials. The global economy as we currently know it would fold like a cheap suit.

“Unlike other commodities, water does not have any viable substitutes,” reports Foreign Affairs. “It is essential for growing food, generating energy, and sustaining humanity.” (Related: China’s Yangtze River, a major shipping route, is drying up and causing problems for the nation’s economy.)

“For China, water has also been crucial to the country’s rapid development: currently, China consumes ten billion barrels of water per day – about 700 times its daily oil consumption. Four decades of explosive economic growth, combined with food security policies that aim at national self-sufficiency, have pushed northern China’s water system beyond a sustainable level, and they threaten to do the same in parts of southern China as well.”

Water supplies in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and North China Plain 50% or more below UN’s definition of acute water scarcity

Fresh water has been a problem in many parts of Asia for some time now. In Hong Kong, for instance, seawater has been used to flush toilets for several decades now.

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