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The World Economic Forum has ordered world governments to ban independent media, make it illegal to read non-mainstream news sources and fill prisons with people who share opinions or articles deemed “false” by so-called fact-checkers.

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The Trudeau regime was the first WEF-controlled government to outlaw independent media, meaning Canadians who share articles or posts online that are deemed ‘false’ by fact-checkers are liable to arrest and a hefty prison sentence.

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Trudeau’s internet censorship legislation Bill C-11 has now become law after Canadian Senators voted last week to pass the bill. This should come as no surprise. The Canadian government has been completely penetrated by the WEF.

The once-great nation of Ireland is also in danger of being conquered by the globalists.

Lawmakers in Ireland have passed a new law that will make it illegal for citizens to view or share any non-mainstream media content on their phones and computer devices.

The new legislation means that anything viewed online that has been deemed “hateful” by fact-checkers will result in prison time for those who have viewed or shared it.

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