Source: Joe Hoft

Huh, this is strange.  The major news outlets are silent on poll results after last week’s powerful and successful RNC.

Rassmussen reports released its polling results yesterday regarding the 2020 Presidential election.  Its results show the Presidential race is basically tied.  But what the writers and pollsters at Rasmussen noted was that in prior years there were many poll results after the respective parties’ national conventions.  But not so this year:

Rassmussen then noted the missing polls:

Again, Rasmussen notes that the major polls are not available currently after the successful RNC:

Real Clear Politics which takes all bogus polls and averages their results to come up with a national bogus poll average (as we noted in 2016, their work is an example of ‘garbage in – garbage out’) has only a few poll results since the DNC, let alone after the RNC:

No wonder Michael Moore was freaked out this weekend and craving another box of donuts.  The Democrats and their polling companies see something they don’t want Americans to know – President Trump is ahead in their bogus polls.  Imagine what the real results are.