At traditional Mimouna dinner, ex-PM promises to return to power ‘soon,’ as Likud party activists describe their new energy to topple the coalition

Source: Gary T | NweReport

Amid the pounding music, steaming trays of traditional Moroccan treats, and shimmering holiday dresses, the crowd started whispering at the Mimouna celebration in the northern city of Or Akiva on Saturday night.

“He’s here,” the crowd murmured, looking side-to-side to steal a glance at the big arrival to the traditional Moroccan celebration marking the end of the Passover holiday.

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The former prime minister and current opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu strode into the home’s living room, where an ample dinner spread was waiting. He was accompanied by his wife, Sara, and a chant from the hundred-odd guests.

“Long live Bibi, King of Israel,” the crowd intoned, replacing the biblical leader David with Netanyahu’s nickname in a common religious chant.

From the place of honor in the center of a broad table, Netanyahu took to the microphone to tell the crowd that he would be back in power soon. Family members and friends of the dinner’s hosts, as well as activists from Netanyahu’s Likud party, angled to see and snap pictures.