Posted BY: Frank Friday

Psychological projection is the stock in trade of our American ruling class. You can see this in the way the D.C. Deep State always treated President Trump as a totally illegitimate bum; especially as regards their most precious possession, classified material. Recall the furor when Trump revealed some Israeli information to the Russian foreign minister, in a bid to get help from them in the Middle East.

Such top-secret horse trading goes on all the time, yet since Trump is a bum, he cannot be allowed the traditional power with respect to classified documents that all Presidents have, as in Navy v. Egan.

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Secrets are only for the bureaucrats to leak as they please with no consequences, like the Flynn/Kislyak phone call, or to simply ignore when it involves their friends, such as Hillary’s email scandal.

Neither James Comey nor the guy, John Huber, finally appointed by Jeff Sessions to look into the Hillary emails, even bothered to convene a grand jury. The whole fake Huber investigation is particularly galling. After Trump demanded action for years, all his DoJ did was appoint a guy who stayed in Utah and reviewed a few files.   

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