West Virginia pharmaceutical plant closes, 1,500 jobs lost

Source: Nworeport

CHARLESTON, West Virginia: A West Virginia pharmaceutical plant that employed some 1,500 people has closed, despite a late effort by labor and advocacy groups to keep the factory running.

According to the Charleston Gazette Mail on Saturday, time ran out for workers at the former Mylan pharmaceutical plant in Morgantown.

Drugmaker Viatris Inc. had announced in December that it would lay off workers at the end of July. The plant was formerly operated by the generic drug company Mylan, which merged with Upjohn in 2020 to form the new company.

Viatris, which confirmed it will slash 20 percent of its global workforce, is now a leading international manufacturer of generic drugs.

The move left workers scrambling to find new jobs, with Viatris leaving the state of West Virginia, which has sought to lure new companies to boost its stagnant economy.

On 21st July, labor and advocacy groups called on President Joe Biden to intervene. A new campaign, led by Our Revolution, a political non-profit organization founded by Bernie Sanders, also urged Biden to use the Defense Production Act to stop the closure and create a task force to determine ways of enabling the plant to continue operating.

The White House has not responded to the closure or the group’s letter, the Charleston Gazette Mail reported.