Posted BY: Trish Randall

The 2016 women’s marches were a massive, crude homage to women’s anatomy, with costumes, posters, and slogans. Home knitting of the de rigueur hats representing a bawdy word for female organs led to nationwide shortages of pink yarn. Marchers left cities a mess, a metaphor for what feminism has done to society, men, women, and children.

In 2023, the Left (of which feminism is a tentacle) aggressively rejects using the word woman to specify or exclude particular anatomy, insisting any definition of woman and anyone in the dating world embrace the “female penis.”                                       

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However ridiculous it is to claim not to know what a woman is, we’ve had decades of active repression of the wisdom and enjoyment to be had mixing men’s and women’s separate skill sets and interests — the recipe for thriving couples, families, communities, and nations. Instead, we’re bombarded with celebration of the family-optional woman, a vapid blank slate, with male capabilities and no innate womanly nature.  Men are shoved out of education to promote STEM for girls (who invariably choose people-centered jobs). Men are disfavored in employment law and government and corporate policies, as they are in family and child custody cases. Nowadays, sex-blurring body modifications are the only form of iron-clad job security.

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