Posted BY: J. Robert Smith

The script is sickeningly familiar by now, isn’t it?  Establishment Republicans — led throughout the ’22 elections and in their aftermath by the notorious Kentucky senator-for-life Mitch McConnell — betrayed their party’s base, which is staunchly conservative, increasingly in an America First sorta way. 

Yes, lest one is confused because of all the serial betrayals, we’re referring to the gross obscenity called the “$1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill.”  For true-blue conservatives, the brazen middle-finger thrust rudely into their faces by McConnell and seventeen other Senate go-along should be an act of war.  The political war, that is. 

The first major offensive in this war needs to be led by Senate conservatives.  The mission is audacious, as well it should be given the stakes: bringing down D.C.-lovin’ Mitch McConnell as Republican Senate leader.  Ace out dull John Thune as heir-apparent.  Install Rick Scott as the new leader.  The grassroots need to undergird the fight and sustain it. 

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