Puppet president’s first campaign rally of the 2024 election season off to a very bad start.

Posted BY: Jamie White

Joe Biden was apparently not warmly received during a Pennsylvania speech on Saturday after a heckler called him out amid allegations of bribery by House Republicans.

Biden was denouncing billionaires for not paying enough taxes during his first campaign rally since relaunching his presidential bid in April when a member of the audience threw his talking point back at him.

“If the investment bankers in this country went on strike tomorrow, no one would much notice…but if this room didn’t show up for work, the whole country would come to a grinding halt. So tell me, who matters more in America?” Biden said at the Philadelphia Union event. “You know what percentage they pay in taxes? Eight!”

A heckler then quipped, “What do you pay, Joe?!”

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“I pay a hell of a lot more than that!” Biden replied.
That wasn’t the only time the Bidens got mocked by the crowd.
One audience member even jokingly yelled, “YEAH, HUNTER!” after Jill Biden lauded him during her remarks.
This comes as House Republicans claimed Thursday they have evidence the Biden family may have received as much as $30 million in bribes from foreign nationals while Joe Biden was vice president.
The people are wising up to the Bidens’ corruption and are not afraid to let them know it.
Notably, Biden’s first campaign rally of the 2024 cycle does not appear to be available on YouTube. If and when it is the full video will be featured here.