All Americans must now prepare for more chaos and economic pain for the remainder of Biden’s dictatorship.

Posted BY: Jon Bowne

After the midterms, a lot of fed-up Americans were left dazed by the resilience of the message of the Democratic Party: “your increasing poverty doesn’t exist. The machete attacks, daylight homicides and subway rapes never happened. If you insist on not killing your children, we are coming for your children whether you like it or not…domestic terrorist.”

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“Rampant homelessness and skyrocketing drug deaths aren’t a mental health crisis — it is the new norm. We will make owning a home and retirement impossible for subsequent Generations. The overwhelming evidence of vaccine deaths and injuries are a figment of your conspiratorial imagination. And don’t mind the 5 million illegal aliens that we are chomping at the bit to use to finally decimate your American Dream. They will be voting for our New World Order before you can say, President Antichrist.”

This was their message.

What factors led to this trainwreck of the Corporacratic District Of Criminals Country Club mirage of a Constitutional Republic?
Was there a Generational factor? Gen Z, the 18-29 age group gave 28 points to the Democrats. Swayed by the fear-mongering and the Abortion distraction, they were happy to trade what’s left of their future to their Marxist Boomer counterparts who promised them student loan forgiveness and now wage slavery in the form of universal basic income.

Did Trump’s shadow loom too large over a Republican party rising from his ashes? Or are these merely excuses to distract the CNN exit polls that revealed that 75% of voters said the country is on the ‘wrong track’ and an overwhelming majority are ‘angry’ about inflation and the economy?

Biden and company will now ramp up the threats on anyone with an unshakeable gut feeling after witnessing once again the blatant antiquated and openly rigged via “incompetence” voting system.

In Austin, Texas, local elections approved the ruling Democrats 3 and a half billion in Bond proposals that have now brought an end to any possibility of affordability. Austin is a corrupt Blue City where millions are potentially being pocketed by a City Council who have dodged an audit that has been evaded for years. 

The faster we face the horrible reality grinning in our faces, the faster it ends. Everything the Democrats projected is inevitably on the table for the American people. All Americans must now prepare for the remainder of Biden’s dictatorship.