Posted BY: J.B. Shurk

“RINO” is such a funny acronym. The vast majority of the Republican base uses it to disparage the small coalition actually vested with powers in the Republican Party.  The people most proud to call themselves “Republican” are likely the same ones whom most Republican voters would call “Republican in name only.”  The RINOs rule and the Republican voters hate them for it.

I remember seeing Mitt Romney getting booed and heckled at an event in Utah by ordinary Republicans who correctly see him as a backstabber extraordinaire, and Monsieur Pierre Delecto burst into an aristocratic episode of tsk-tsk-ing and why-I-never exasperation while he pointed out that it was he, Mitt Romney, who had been the 2012 Republican nominee for president (before choking to the communist-in-chief) and that his father not only was a prominent Republican and governor of Michigan last century but also should have been president, too!  (Darn that Goldwater and his defense of liberty against Big Government!)  Leave it to a RINO to immediately refer voters to his family résumé as haughty proof of his ideological bona fides.

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