Posted BY: Paul Krause

Later in his life, the great poet T.S. Eliot committed himself to Christianity and much of his poetry and prose writing subsequently dealt with Christian themes. Among them was the vision of a Christian society and Christian education. In today’s time, revisiting these questions is deeply worthwhile: What is the vision for Christian education?

If there was a silver lining from the COVID restrictions, it was the awakening of the American public to the continued failures of our education system. This, in of itself, was nothing new. There have long been problems in our education system that have remained unaddressed over the decades, starting with the anti-Western vandalism of the 1960s.

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But the COVID restrictions of the past couple years, coupled with an increasingly militant promotion of an ideological agenda of critical race theory, brought an awareness of failing education even to well-meaning and wealthy communities whose schools have not experienced underlying issues of poor performance, high rates of dropouts, and broad failures in preparing students for their next stage of soulful maturation.

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