Source: B.K. House

Something fell out of Joe Biden’s pants as he ascended the stairs to Airforce One.

We’ve seen old Joe fall on more than one occasion as he scaled the steps to the plane, but this time it wasn’t him, but something else. Something small and white-ish fell out of his pants. It looks like a mask or a tiny piece of paper.

It might’ve been a prescription bottle of Hydroxychloroquine, to keep him healthy around all those vaccinated super-spreading federal employees.

Perhaps it’s a cheat sheet so he can remember not to lie about driving an 18- wheeler, or maybe a list of his favorite ice-cream flavors, handy to have when you’re faced with tough questions by NPR and CNN.

The paper is certainly too small to contain the names of the people and countries that are blackmailing him, and it’s too large to be a list of his accomplishments.

The world may never know…..

Twitter offered some serious suggestions:

A piece of paper that has his name, address, and emergency contact if he wanders off.

Was it the nuclear codes?