Posted BY: Mike Konrad

Before you read this sad story, hail back to an earlier era, before transnational social media lords suppressed the truth and helped doctor elections.  It seems that the techno-leftists might have done their dirty work…again.

The media are back to spinning an election theft.

One report (at the 13-second mark) says, “They [the Brazilian protesters] took to the streets of São Paulo in their thousands.”

But Breibart seemed closer to the truth

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Brazil: Peaceful Protests Attract Tens of Thousands Rejecting Corrupt Socialist President-Elect

Tens of thousands of people in nearly every major city in Brazil took to the streets on Wednesday to protest the election of hardline socialist and ex-convict Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to the presidency[.]

There seems to be a discrepancy in what numbers are worth reporting.

A few thousand can be dismissed as malcontents of no repute, but tens of thousands in every major city is a bit more disconcerting.

Here is what another report noted:

They arrived by the tens of thousands on Wednesday, angry and draped in Brazilian flags, massing outside military bases across the country. They were there, they said, to save Brazil’s democracy from a rigged election, and there was only one way to do so: The armed forces needed to take control of the government. 

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