Posted BY: Robert Weissberg

The New York City subway incident in which former Marine Daniel Penny, whose chokehold inadvertently killed career criminal and homeless vagrant Jordan Neely quickly became front-page news. Matters exploded when Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s Soros-funded district attorney, charged Penny with second-degree manslaughter. Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis made reference to at a campaign rally, and Penny’s defense fund has thus far raised more than two million dollars from 42,000 contributors  Hard to say where it will end, but the incident has obviously touched a public nerve. There’s something about the episode that transcends the simple facts of a good Samaritan’s intervention going wrong and a progressive local DA stirring the racial pot.   

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Most Americans do not ride New York City subways, so the psychological dimension of this incident is not easily grasped. Yet it is this psychological element that makes it important far beyond the bare-bones legal facts.

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