Posted BY: Gregory McCants

For New Year, I got hit with COVID, leading to a lovely sentence of one-week solitary confinement away from all those whom I hold dear. I must confess, after the whirlwind of the holiday season, it wasn’t such a bad thing. I had been enjoying a new weekly routine for the past month or so that included boxing training six days a week, weightlifting twice per week, and some cardio every night courtesy of Planet Fitness (about the only useful thing they provide; treadmills as far as the eye could see). This routine, along with some simple dietary changes, led to me losing 18 pounds and seeing my blood pressure from hypertension drop from 135/100 to a very healthy 114/69.

While stuck inside, I did what every adult ends up doing eventually, clicking on YouTube videos, the new version of channel surfing. As I was recently re-introduced to fitness, many of my searches led to fitness YouTubers such as Sean Nalewanyj and Noel Denzel.

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However, this rabbit hole very quickly veered into what is colloquially known as the “manosphere”—that is, YouTube content geared towards younger men and predominantly dealing with issues of self-improvement, dating, financial management, and becoming “high value.” Picture a whole YouTube section that sounds like you made Jordan Peterson become a gym bro.

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