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Gain-of-function research should continue.  Such is the opinion of the Biden White House, as explained in this press conference at the end of February.  It is “important to help prevent future pandemics,” says communications man John Kirby.

Last fall, researchers in Boston went public about creating new variants of COVID-19, while in a recent letter, over 150 prominent virologists joined together to air their concerns that new regulations might “overly restrict the ability of scientists to generate the knowledge needed to protect ourselves from these pathogens.”

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By now, most serious people are in agreement that the 2019 coronavirus originated in a laboratory in Wuhan.  Even federal agencies like the FBI are falling into line.  The evidence for what happened is overwhelming.

To begin with, the bats that host the virus’s nearest relatives don’t live near Wuhan itself, but 1,100 miles away, along the border between China and Laos, in just the place where the Wuhan researchers repeatedly went to collect wild bat viruses for their gain-of-function experiments.  Then include the fact that, shortly after the first outbreak, the Chinese authorities deleted their viral genome archives.  Why do that if you don’t have something to hide?  And we shouldn’t forget about China’s dismal lab safety protocols.  And so forth.

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