Posted BY: John Klar

Mainstream media headlines are sensationalizing a round-up in Germany of alleged “far-right” conspirators determined to overthrow the Federal Republic of Germany.  Such extremists doubtless exist, but parallels of the arrests — and of the neo-liberal American media’s reporting about them — with rising claims of “far-right extremism” in the United States are worthy of study.

Increasingly, American mainstream media clamor against “Christian Nationalism,” “right-wing extremism,” and so-called threats to democracy by those (on the right only) who question election or voter integrity, the science of COVID vaccinations, Critical Race Theory, gender theory in schools, or the existence of a “Great Reset.”  Per the leftist mantra, these ideas demand militant campaigns to silence “disinformation.”  Free speech must not be permitted to include erstwhile protected expressions of opinion or political views if they are labeled “hate speech” or dangerous.

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