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A false flag alien invasion refers to the idea that governments, or those who exercise tremendous power over governments, would somehow stage an extraterrestrial invasion of some sort.

This would include the appearance of multiple unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the sky or on the ground, as well as “beings” that would most likely be some sort of artificial intelligence or people convincingly ‘dressed’ up in some form.

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According to theories, this craft and beings would then begin to initiate attacks. Perhaps there would be some type of destruction akin to 9/11, something smaller, or maybe even something bigger. Who knows, it’s all just theory. It may be as simple as letting people know the phenomenon is real (which has already begun) and pushing a threat narrative.

It would be similar to the ‘global war on terror’ that we’ve seen for years, where powerful government organizations like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) fund, create, carry out and in some instances stage terrorist attacks.

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