Posted BY: Shoshana Bryen

The United States and Israel have had a close political and security relationship for decades, because — in the main — they see both democratic norms and the requirement for security as mutually reinforcing. Iran’s willingness to kill its own citizens in the streets and provide military support to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought Washington closer to Jerusalem’s view of the most important and most imminent threat to stability in the region. But it isn’t a smooth transition, as American diplomats are still insisting on defining Israel’s politics in place of and in opposition to Israel’s voters.

Fortunately, the American military establishment appears not to have let that interfere with its national security mission. The U.S. needs Israel to support American and allied operations.

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Israel’s experience with Iranian drone attacks began before Ukraine’s experience with those drones fired by Russian troops. In November 2022, an Iranian Shahed-136 suicide drone attacked an Israeli oil tanker near Oman.

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