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One would think with so many news outlets drooling over the Fox legal tussle that another prominent case involving CNN would be of interest.

For weeks now, it has been a steady stream of blaring headlines concerning the Fox News defamation case brought by Dominion Voting Systems. Interrupted briefly by the hysteria surrounding the will-he-be-cuffed/won’t-he-be-cuffed Donald Trump legal melodrama, the Fox-Dominion suit has the collective media in a spate of giddiness, despite the unlikely hoped-for resolution

Yet, another lawsuit of a similar nature concerning a major news network is not getting a whisp of the same attention. CNN is readying for a court case in the coming weeks where it has been sued for defamation by a Florida doctor over a story the network ran in 2015 about the amount of infant mortality at St. Mary’s Hospital, in West Palm Beach Florida. The story surrounded the supposedly high number of cases where infants died in its heart surgery program. 

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The suit alleges that CNN relied on flawed data measurements to come up with the claim of elevated levels of infant deaths due to these surgeries, compared with national averages. The CNN report led to the hospital CEO quitting, the closure of the pediatric cardiac surgery program, and now the network is being sued by Dr. Michael Black for malice and impacting his career and reputation.

Yet despite carrying a few elements similar to the currently touted lawsuit, few in the press are expressing interest or concern over the CNN case. Certainly not to any level approaching the Fox-Dominion suit. This all concerns the sharp animosity felt in media circles for the right-leaning network, and it leads to rather imbalanced thinking on the part of news outlets.

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