MSNBC’s Joy Reid said that Americans who have declined to take the COVID-19 vaccination have the mentality of a “whiny little baby,” then favorably cited foreign nations’ draconian vaccination passports and mandates as more successful policies that could increase the U.S. vaccination level.

A former U.S. senator also told Reid that “there needs to be a rule” in the United States barring anyone who has received the COVID-19 vaccine from complaining about the shot after the fact. “If you’ve taken the vaccine, you can’t trash it.”

On Tuesday night, Reid again insulted unvaccinated Americans and belittled their concerns. “There’s also a whiny little baby part of it. These people are so mad that anyone would tell them what to do,” she said. “They’re so outraged that anyone would dare to tell them to do something safe to keep other people safe.”

She then shifted and began reading off a paper on her desk.

“Here’s the thing: If they lived in Austria, they have a vaccine mandate for the whole population. That’s strict!” she said. “Italy, real strict. Those mayors in Italy got on TV and screamed at people, said, ‘You better take your butt home!’ They’ll stop you in the street when they were on lockdown,” she continued.

Reid then ticked off highly restrictive vaccination mandates enacted in other nations in Europe, Asia, and Africa, including vaccination passports:

Greece makes vaccines mandatory for everyone 60 or older, with fines for not complying.

Ghana is making COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for targeted groups.

Singapore is going to stop covering the medical bills of the unvaccinated COVID-19 patients. No more money. You don’t get your treatment paid for.

Italy is making health passes mandatory. Health passes! You have to walk around with [a] little green pass.

Reid seemed to lament the fact that such measures could not be enacted by U.S. lawmakers. “They have it so easy in the United States,” she said, “because this country politically can’t do those kinds of mandates. That’s why we’re 58th in terms of vaccinations.”

Moments earlier one of her panelists, former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, said that no one who has received the COVID-19 vaccination should complain of its side effects ex post facto.

Reid introduced the segment by trashing Fox News hosts who complain about mask and vaccination mandates. “They have no problem bumping off their own supporters,” Reid said. “They don’t care who dies.”

“I think there needs to be a rule,” McCaskill replied. “It’s a pretty basic rule: You can’t trash the vaccine if you’ve taken it — end of discussion. If you’ve taken the vaccine, you can’t trash it.”

“If you have taken it,” McCaskill said, “you are acknowledging the science that is involved in the lifesaving qualities that vaccine represents in your own body.”

She did not explain how scientists would learn about negative side effects caused by vaccination if no one who received the jab could complain about it, nor how the First Amendment would affect her policy.