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A whistleblower has come forward with disturbing allegations about the US government’s role in a child trafficking operation.

Tara Lee Rodas, speaking to the House Judiciary Committee, claimed that the US government has become the “middleman” in a sophisticated network of child trafficking that begins in the home countries of the children and ends with the government delivering the children to sponsors in the United States.

“I thought I was going to help place children in loving homes,” she stated. “Instead, I discovered that children are being trafficked through a sophisticated network that begins with recruiting in the home country, smuggling to the U.S. border, and ends when ORR (Office of Refugee Resettlement) delivers a child to a sponsor.”

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Rodas, who volunteered to help the Biden Administration with the crisis at the southern border, was deployed to the Pomona Fairplex emergency intake site in California as part of Operation Artemis to help the HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement reunite children with sponsors in the United States. She initially believed she was going to help place children in loving homes but instead discovered a dark reality.

“Some sponsors are criminals and traffickers and members of transnational criminal organizations. Some sponsors view children as commodities and assets to be used for earning income. This is why we are witnessing an explosion of labor trafficking.”

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