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BACKFIRED, WITH 20,000 KIA: For months, against the advice of some senior U.S. military officials, Ukraine has stubbornly held on to the largely-destroyed town of Bakhmut, successfully tying down Russian forces and inflicting heavy casualties while buying time for its counter-invasion force to coalesce.

Ukraine has lost some of its best, battle-hardened troops, but its strategy has decimated and demoralized Russia’s conscript and convict army that has been under orders from Russian President Vladimir Putin to take Bakhmut so he could tout some progress on the battlefield as the war that was supposed to take three days dragged into year two.

“The bottom line is that Russia’s attempted offensive has backfired. After months of fighting and extraordinary losses, Russia continues to be focused on a single Ukrainian city with limited strategic value,” NSC spokesman John Kirby said yesterday. “Ukraine’s armed forces are defending the territory bravely and effectively and making Russia expend enormous resources for marginal gains.”

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Kirby told reporters that, based on newly declassified American intelligence, the U.S. estimates that just since December, Russia has suffered 100,000 casualties, including more than 20,000 dead. “It’s three times the number of killed in action that the United States faced on the Guadalcanal campaign in World War II and that was over the course of five months,” he said.

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