Source: NwoReport

On Wednesday, the Biden Administration blamed the Omicron coronavirus for continued economic supply chain woes.

Many laborers chose to accept larger government checks in 2021 rather than partaking in the economy. This resulted in a nationwide labor shortage, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo explained to CNN Wednesday. The Omicron variant could further negatively affect workers’ will to return to work.

“I do worry because we know people are afraid to go to work,” Raimondo explained.

“Some portion of that is people are afraid to go to work,” she went on. “In manufacturing facilities, people work in person, close together. And there have been outbreaks. We’ve had problems in places where people work close.”

“Every time we think we’re past it, there’s a new mask mandate,” she stated broadly regarding the virus. “Every time we think we’re on our way, a new variant comes out. That creates a level of uncertainty.”

The market’s uncertainty is compounded by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who continued to shift the goalposts of who the federal government will consider being “fully vaccinated.” Fauci left the door open for a booster shot to be factored into that definition.

Fauci has downplayed the potential of the Omicron variant crossing into the United States at the southern border from illegal immigrants. Though Fauci is weighing a seven-day quarantine for travelers entering

the United States legally.

Fauci’s conflicting messaging comes as a Thursday Gallup survey showed that 45 percent of American families think that inflation, resulting from the supply chain crisis, is “causing their family some degree of financial hardship.”

The Biden Administration has done very little to fight the related crises, though, rather opting to investigate companies, and not itself, to scrutinize the economy. Investigations into private companies is an Obama-era strategy taken to displace blame on

failed administrative policies to the private sector.

Biden instead fought American energy independence and is relatively close to defeating it.

As Breitbart News reported:

“The tactics include issuing a report Friday to increase the price of oil leasing fees on federal

lands in the United States by 50 percent, along with canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline in January. Biden is also weighing whether to terminate the Michigan Line 5 pipeline. Biden has also rejoined the Paris Climate Accords and is directing an environmental regulatory review of repairs performed by the Trump administration that protected American energy independence.”

After Thanksgiving, Biden raided the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to reduce gas prices. Biden chose to do so even though Vice President Kamala Harris denounced Donald Trump in 2020 for refilling them.